Looking for Cans of Cider Near You?

We sell wholesale hard cider to stores in Galesburg, MI

If you love Soil Friends Hard Cider Co beverages and want to drink them at home, you can find them at a variety of stores around Michigan. If you're on the way to spend time with friends, stop and get some cider to take with you. It's a drink that will please everyone 21 and older. Check out our list of wholesale hard cider suppliers below.

Look for our hard cider at these locations

More and more stores around Galesburg, MI are stocking our ciders for you to enjoy. With so many retailers stocking them, there's no excuse not to go grab some cans for yourself. Since we're a wholesale hard cider distributor, you can find our ciders at:

  • Meijer stores
  • Mega-Bev in Battle Creek
  • W Main
  • Harding's Markets
  • Drake Party Center
  • Salut Market
  • The Bottle
  • Ned's Pizza (on tap)

Do you want to see these apples someplace else? Call us and request an order for wholesale hard cider.

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Strawberry Blueberry

Soil Friends Strawberries, Michigan apples & blueberries. Dry and Fruity Cider 6.5% ABV. 0 grams of sugar added

Blueberry Lavender

Soil Friends Lavender, Michigan Blueberries & Michigan apples. Dry, fruity and floral cider 6.5%ABV. 0 grams of sugar added

Strawberry Peach

A-Peno- Soil Friends Jalapenos, Michigan Peaches, & Apples. Dry fruity cider with a kick of jalapeno flavor and spice. 6.5%ABV. 0 grams of sugar added

Honey Apple

Michigan Honey and Apples. Semi Sweet Cider Smooth like honey. 6.5%ABV 0 grams of sugar added

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon sugar and apples just like our donuts! Semi-Sweet 6.5% ABV

Strawberry Rhubarb

Soil Friends strawberries, Michigan apples and Rhubarb. Dry fruity and tart. 6.5% ABV

Michigan Apple

Michigan Apples. Dry fruity. 6.5%ABV

Strawberry Hops

Soil Friends Strawberries, Michigan hops and apples. Dry fruity and hoppy bitterness. 6.5%ABV