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Weare a family-owned business that includes a 22-acre vegetable farm, farm market, and community supported agriculture (CSA) with a focus on healthy soil that produces nutrient-dense food.

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1701 N 33rd St, Galesburg, MI 49053

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Hard Cider and Fresh Donuts

Enjoy our fresh homemade donuts and a tall glass of our farm-fresh hard ciders in a variety of flavors.

From Our Kitchen

Enjoy an array of delectable treats made right here at the farm. Grab a bag of our homemade tortilla chips and fresh farm salsa to enjoy at home or during your stay at the farm.

Farm Market

Our market is stocked with the tastiest veggies and fruits around. We pride ourselves on our healthy and exceptionally delicious produce!

Family Farm Activities

Our farmyard is filled with toys, games, a bounce house, and other fun activities to ensure that kids have a great time during your visit to the market.

Feeding the Animals

With goats, a pony, and a dog, Old MacDonald doesn’t have anything on us. Grab a cup of feed and enjoy our friendly animals.


We have plenty of seating around the market. Sit down and enjoy snacks, cider, donuts and the pleasant atmosphere of the farm.

For regular updates and hours of operation, follow us on Facebook, or give us a call.

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take home carefully grown flavors

CSA Options

Sign up, come out to the farm each week to pick up your box of fresh produce, and have fun while you’re here!

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Cider & Mead

Find us at the Farm or, if you’re in Michigan, we’d love to ship it to you!

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what people are saying

A great, great family farm with the freshest, tastiest, best looking produce you’ll find. More personal than a farmer’s market, too, I much prefer shopping right on the farm. Everyone should do it like this.

- Mike

Soil Friends allows me to purchase produce that is visually appealing, delicious and grown in a manner that ensures the safety of my food source. Thank you for your hard work providing healthy food for my family.

- Gina

Soil Friends is not only based on sustainable agricultural practices, but is looking into investing into methods and plant species that have a great capacity to feed people with minimal impact to the environment. As the world’s population grows, leaders in introducing new food items and sustainable farming practices to the consumers market such as soil friends will be a necessity.

- Alex

Super friendly service, deliciously fresh produce, perfect location, smiling faces.. and SO much more! We are so lucky to have something like this in town. Thank you for all of your hard work Ben and Sarah! We will be returning again soon. I love knowing just where my veggies come from.. Picked fresh right here in town.

- Elizabeth

So fresh and the green beans were amazing!!!!!! We are so lucky to have this in our community!!

- Ali

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