What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of agriculture where a community of individuals pledge support to a farm operation.

Individuals and families purchase a "share" prior to the growing season. These share dollars help the growers with the up-front costs of the planting season, and then, during the long harvest season, the shareholders reap the benefits of a share of the crops to take home every week.

CSAs are a mutually supportive process that allows the growers and consumers to share the risks and benefits of food production.

At Soil Friends, we know how special sharing great food is because we grow the food we want to put on our own table. Growing nutrient-dense food and knowing how good it is makes us excited to share it with you!

Who is a CSA for?

Primarily, individuals and families take advantage of CSA shares, but we also work with companies who wish to help their employees conveniently obtain shares, too.

For Individuals and Families

Our growing season runs from June to October, but the best time to sign up for a share is in the early spring. This allows us to plan for the upcoming growing season, to be sure that we grow the correct amount of food, and that we don't overburden the land or produce waste.

During the growing season, each shareholder will receive 8-12 different produce items in their box. Full shares, which we recommend for most families, are available weekly. Half shares, which are good for smaller families, couples, or individuals, are available bi-weekly.

Shareholders love to come to the farm each week to pick up their boxes. While here, adults like to browse the farm market and maybe pick up a pint of hard cider or honey wine while kids play on our playground and see the goats. Shares are also available at the farmers market and other select locations around town.

Shareholders also benefit from a private Facebook group, where we share things like tips, tricks, and recipes to handle all of the veggies you receive!

For Companies

Maybe your company would like to offer a drop-off location so that employees can conveniently benefit from a weekly CSA. Maybe your organization offers a wellness program that offers benefits for things like participating in a CSA.

Whatever the case, we’re here to help you coordinate getting nutritious food into your employee’s hands. Contact us to find out how we can work together to support your workplace’s wellness goals!

Full CSA Share $800/year Pickup Weekly

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Half CSA Share $450/year Pickup Bi-weekly

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