Locally Grown

At Soil Friends we are farmers who understand that not all food is created equal, in order to yield high quality vegetables many factors of production have to be implemented correctly at critical periods of vegetable production to grow nutrient dense vegetables. Soil Friends vegetables are grown in Galesburg, Michigan bringing our passion for the highest quality vegetables to the market. We are committed to lowering our carbon footprint with our Farm Fresh Delivery by sourcing locally grown vegetables closest to the market. Bringing high quality vegetables with excellent flavor and improved storage capability is a result from enhanced nutritional content in our vegetables. Soil Friends vegetables are grown with environmentally clean crop production and nutrient density as a goal. Our Vegetables are grown with the ultimate in nutrient purity with most components being food grade materials.

“Your Customers Taste The Difference In Quality Produce”

Soil Friends provides Farm Fresh distribution for direct store delivery, farmers markets, restaurants and breweries  along with specialty retailers and roadside stands across the Mid-West. You can find us literally in the field. Working in the field gives us the knowledge to source the best vegetable varieties in the industry for flavor, storage capability and nutrient density that meet the needs of your customers.
Soil Friends in store marketing support and social interaction with consumers is proven to give your business the advantage.


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