Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is model of agriculture with a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation with both growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

By scheduling production from the farm directly to shareholders food quality is increased according to methods that determine food quality. Crop shares are a bushel 1/9 box of vegetables available throughout the length of the farming season for shareholders. This relationship creates powerful opportunities between community members and the farm to secure access to nutrient dense foods by working through the risk and sharing the benefits building a better farm for the future.

Why Soil Friends Offers CSA

We are a family farm that knows how special sharing great food is because we grow the food we want to put on our table. We grow our food with the focus on nutrient density, knowing how good our food is makes us excited to share it with you! The relationship between our hard work and shareholders eating our food is rewarding and that is where our passion comes from. We are excited to directly work with our community to provide access to nutrient dense foods.

Details of Soil Friends CSA

When you invest to become a shareholder in Soil Friends Farm Community Supported Agriculture program your scheduling the production of a variety of nutrient dense crops to be grown, harvested and packaged with environmentally clean practices. Food is harvested through the length of a 20-22 week growing season with shares harvested June- Oct. Soil Friends crop shares are available for pick up weekly in season at Soil Friends Farm Market with an average of 8- 12 items in each share! We have flexible pickup options of you’re choice Saturday, Sunday, Monday during normal business hours. Saturday morning is the first availability for crop shares to be picked up with shares being donated to loaves and fishes on the 4th day.

Shareholders pick their share up from Soil Friends Farm Market on a weekly basis for full shares and half shares are picked up every other week. We work with other sustainable and organic farms in the area to offer unique crops we do not grow that add value for to shares.

Full Shareholder – $800 (Full season, weekly share) Family admission ticket (4) to strawberry ice cream social, 1 Flat you-pick strawberries, Fall harvest dinner (4)

Half Shareholder – Every other week $450

Family admission ticket (2) to strawberry ice cream social, 1/2 Flat you-pick strawberries, Fall harvest dinner (2)

  • Direct farm relationship where your food is produced
  • Food with increased nutritional content
  • Availability to explore seasonal crops
  • Weekly recipes and suggestions
  • Up to 20 % Off at Soil Friends Farm Market


Early-bird discount

We are offering a 10% discount through September and October, so be sure to sign up now to secure your spot and take full advantage of the discount! Click the link below to take advantage of these savings before October 31st.

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