Kitchen Guide: Asparagus 5 ways!

Cleaning and preparing fresh Asparagus When bringing home farm-fresh Asparagus, it’s important to always give it a rinse to remove any dirt and grit from the stalks that may be left over from harvest. Rinse lightly under cool water and roll them on a paper towel to dry.¬†When you’re ready to cook, you’ll want to…

Planted now! May 2016


This time of year in Michigan is notorious for inclement weather, and this season is no different, but we’re not letting that stop us! We’ve been busy this spring at Soil Friends and we have lots of crops planted, it will be a bountiful harvest season!

Planting Cover Crops for Nutrient Density

Introducing: Cover Crops Much like any all-star band or sports team, nutrient-dense food has a hugely diverse cast of characters working behind the scenes to ensure every performance is tip top. In nature, this sort of happens automatically, billions of years of ecological evolution has ensured it. Visit a healthy wild grassland ecosystem like you…