About Soilfriends

Currently at Soil Friends Farm we are building infrastructure ranging from greenhouses, hoophouses, packing shed, and farm market to fit the needs of a year around operation. The purchase of the farm in Spring of 2015, we did not have electricity or a well, so its enjoyable to build our farm every step of the way. During our journey of building our business we have raised two young children along with it, they are now 3 & 5. It is very special to us to grow our family business together. Our children are always asking if other children will be coming to the farm so we strive to have a family friendly environment.

Winter of 2016 will be our first season with a year around farm market operation, we have saved onions, squash and other produce to sell along with a small winter garden we are harvesting from. In our greenhouses we have winter crops planted for an early spring harvest. In our farm market we are carrying a wide variety of organic produce and other local goods. Our year around operation will give our community access to nutrient dense foods.

The Start

Soil Friends started with Ben Martins desire to eat healthy and so a small garden was planted during college. During college Ben and Sarah operated a weekend roadside stand from farming a ¼ acre market garden and grew each year since the start. After Ben received his degree in Food Marketing from Western Michigan University, he and his partner Sarah decided to create a 22 acre farm that would provide nutrient dense food for their own growing family as well as the greater community.

Soil Friends farm is a steward of the land. By creating an ideal environment for high quality crop production a strong focus is placed on soil health. Healthy soil yields vegetables that of higher quality being higher in nutrients. Farming practices without the use of chemicals helps enhance soil on the farm and continuous changes are being made to improve the soil. The end result of proper management at Soil Friends farm is higher nutrient density in the food that is grown bursting with flavor.

Soil Friends Farm Market – Creating Access to Nutrient Dense Foods

Soil Friends Farm market is located on farm directly in front of our produce packaging barn. Produce is harvested for the farm market on an as needed basis, ensuring peak freshness by keeping adequate inventory for our farm market sales directly to customers. We are proud to sell additional fresh products at our market from other vendors to keep our assortment delicious.

Brining other families together on our farm brings satisfaction to our family; we want customers to pick up food from the farm and visually see where their food comes from.

Soil Friends Farm – Wholesale Produce

Since the start of our business we have had multiple outlets for our produce. We schedule our production with restaurants and the grocery industry for our produce to arrive on time in quantities desired. Our fresh produce appeals to markets that require high quality produce with an emphasis on flavor. Soil Friends knowledge from working directly with consumer’s helps us put the most flavorful varieties in meals and on the table.

Contact us today at sales@soilfriends.com to inquire about Soil Friends produce


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